Hi all,
Two years ago I published my first post on this blog. Since then I have experienced many changes in my family , and probably you too .
While I have been writing , I have discovered some wonderful people , amazing and wonderful stories , and I’m glad because learning and knowing are my personal drivers to enjoy life. I can only think of positive things as a result of these few articles I wrote .

Now it is time for me to turn the page and start a new project, more related to my professional background. This blog has been a way of throwing to the universe all that I had in my stomach related to the ADHD world. And I am very pleased to see that over those two past years, many pages and blogs like mine emerged from people who wanted to share their particular experiences and projects. This is one of the benefits of social media, in my opinion. We help each other, we listen / read, we rely.

I have seen that many of the associations related to ADHD have evolved a lot in terms of activities and support to affected families . And I have known mothers who, like me, have started to contribute in some way to make this disorder more bearable. I tip my hat. And it makes me very happy to know that I was included in all of this.

Last month I attended the seventh congress that the foundation ‘What really matters’ organized in Madrid. Its mission is to share values with high school students through testimonies of people with very interesting life experiences. There were four exceptional speakers ( Lucia Lantero , Irene Villa, Maria Belon , and Emmanuel Kelly) . As I listened to them talk about their lives , the challenges they had to face and the strategies they had developed to overcome them, I kept the visual image of the Tsunami that hit Maria’s life (her real story was reproduced in the movie ‘The Impossible’, having Naomi Watts playing her role). She kept saying that we all have in our lives our individual tsunamis and that it is only up to us to decide how to live (and survive) them.
ADHD , like many other disorders / diseases, is our tsunami : it comes without warning , and while it seems that we’re drowning , anxiety , suffocation and pain arise . We do not control anything. How many times have we been tempted, as parents, to say ‘I can’t do more ‘?
Many. But fortunately something inside arises instantly thinking ‘YES you can, just a little bit more’. That’s how I realized that big changes are done little by little. We are all involved in making the society aware that ADHD exists, is real, and affects virtually everyone. We need general acceptance and adaptation necessary for our children (and us) to live with the disorder without so many barriers.

I thank you for your support. And do not hesitate to contact me if you need it.
A huge hug.


About florpedrola

Desde joven he sentido un vivo interés por las personas. Disfruto con la compañía de la gente: desde siempre con mis mayores, que tanto me han enseñado; y actualmente explorando caminos con los demás. Caminos que den sentido a nuestras vidas, la de los otros descubriendo sus talentos y potencial, y la mía, como coach ejecutivo, como madre de un niño con Déficit de Atención e Hiperactividad, y como adulto con TDAH. He descubierto y podido comprobar que muchas herramientas de Liderazgo e Inteligencia Emocional pueden resultar muy útiles para la convivencia con personas con este trastorno y me gustaría compartir desde mi blog posibles adaptaciones de ‘tips’ a aplicaciones prácticas en el mundo de los TDAH’s.
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