Hi all,

Today I would like to talk about compassion. Let me start with a question ( I hope that a  powerful one… , we saw what that meant in the previous post ) : do we really understand and care about people who are in the same situation as us (in this case , parents of a child with ADHD ) or do we tend to think that our case is the ONE which merits attention above all others?

This is a question that I have asked myself many times because, honestly, when ADHD appears in your life it really catches you off guard and  you think you’re going to endure more than anyone ( and , later, when the calm comes over you, you realize that you lived with ADHD for many years , because , most likely , you also have it) .

One day, attending a conference, I  listened to a mother who said: ‘I have 6 children , 3 with ADHD and one with Down’ . I still remember that moment : it was like a flash, like a whip! I thought; ‘ but how can I be thinking only about myself? ‘

That phrase was the one which triggered me to  to write on this blog. My main goal was to make many of you feel like I really understood or comprehend what you are going through.. Because I realized that I really care, and that I sympathize with the sorrows of others,  with people I do not even  know.

I have felt very alone; this has, on several occasions, made my worries even more dramatic.. . Many times I thought no one understood me and cared for me. I would have very much appreciated a helping hand at this time.. Eventually I found a way to lend myself a hand; and that was in writing and publishing . I haven´t  much time for more, but it’s my two cents and I felt good doing it .

I would encourage you to “open up” with parents who are in our situation and have just arrived in this hectic world . To share experiences that to us may now seem un-important   but are very illustrative for them. Let’s listen to them carefully and strive to understand their reality. I have discovered many things acting like this ( new associations , new techniques, wonderful people, dedicated experts … ) . At the end of the day, this is our daily life and we should take care of it !

Thank you!


About florpedrola

Desde joven he sentido un vivo interés por las personas. Disfruto con la compañía de la gente: desde siempre con mis mayores, que tanto me han enseñado; y actualmente explorando caminos con los demás. Caminos que den sentido a nuestras vidas, la de los otros descubriendo sus talentos y potencial, y la mía, como coach ejecutivo, como madre de un niño con Déficit de Atención e Hiperactividad, y como adulto con TDAH. He descubierto y podido comprobar que muchas herramientas de Liderazgo e Inteligencia Emocional pueden resultar muy útiles para la convivencia con personas con este trastorno y me gustaría compartir desde mi blog posibles adaptaciones de ‘tips’ a aplicaciones prácticas en el mundo de los TDAH’s.
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