Hi all,

Already in the middle of the summer. I hope you’re all enjoying it!!
I know that for some of you my comment this month on values might take you by surprise. I know that some of you already practice them but I would just like to share it with you as it comes from my heart.
In this post I want to talk about gratitude. Warm gratitude. Let me explain:

Being parents of children with ADHD,  we have probably not yet realized that we have forgotten to do the things that we previously used to do regularly and naturally.

Our discussions within our diverse environments, such as in school (where we had ‘conversations’ with the teacher, counselor, tutor, principal, secretary…), family (I´m referring to the extended one such as; the understanding sister in law, the super positive cousin and the others saying that you’re not educating your child in a right way), friends (who are no longer inviting you to join them in their family plans and you still do not understand very well why), neighbors (with their own concerns), people from the health community … well, these conversations were not the best we had, right?. I particularly feel small before these many misunderstandings and the rejections of so many.

I’ve spent several years, speaking with many people who live with or know of someone in one way or another associated with ADHD. And between us we help each other, and magnificently. In addition, there were many others who supported me, had a gesture, smiled at me looking into my eyes, listened without saying a word. I remember them from time to time, but I do not remember if I thanked them. And I think I need to. I can not go back to the past for 15 years and find them all, but this is a small tribute to those of you who did not hesitate to make me understand ‘I’M WITH YOU’: the kind waiter at the restaurant cleaning the table for the third time when the little boy has made a mess of it; the mother in consultation who offered me a diaper because I’ve left everything at home; the school bus driver who waited so many times for a youngster who was not in his best form; the teacher who skipped the school protocol to tell me that my child was suffering and that something had to be done; the crazy neighbor saying that she’d spent a lovely afternoon with him and her own children, that afternoon that I allowed myself a break; the basketball coach who looks at me in a compassionate way but nonetheless ensures me that I can keep taking him to the training sessions at anytime; the swimming teacher telling me ‘your son is a fabulous kid, don’t worry’, and I worried because in 99% of the cases, he uses all sorts of excuses for not going to these practice sessions; the teenager saying goodbye and adding: ‘he is very cute’ and suddenly you are at a loss for words.( Of course I know that my son is a terrific person!! but you´re not really expecting such a reaction from anyone.)

Let’s not forget that in closing times for companies, there are gestures of help and support, barely noticable because we are so immersed in the vortex of the rush and the pressure of things. But in the end, I think we have to look back and be grateful.
Being grateful is to be thankful for the special things that come our way. And that’s the key for me: to realize that which others do for us are special things. And I’m happy when I thank someone because I feel that I am in tune with that person, and I like that and it makes me feel more optimistic.

So let’s identify those people who give us what we do not expect. We should not hesitate to thank them. They deserve it. We deserve it.

Happy summer to all and by the way…thanks for following me!


About florpedrola

Desde joven he sentido un vivo interés por las personas. Disfruto con la compañía de la gente: desde siempre con mis mayores, que tanto me han enseñado; y actualmente explorando caminos con los demás. Caminos que den sentido a nuestras vidas, la de los otros descubriendo sus talentos y potencial, y la mía, como coach ejecutivo, como madre de un niño con Déficit de Atención e Hiperactividad, y como adulto con TDAH. He descubierto y podido comprobar que muchas herramientas de Liderazgo e Inteligencia Emocional pueden resultar muy útiles para la convivencia con personas con este trastorno y me gustaría compartir desde mi blog posibles adaptaciones de ‘tips’ a aplicaciones prácticas en el mundo de los TDAH’s.
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